In June and July 2018, we had two teams of medical and non-medical professionals who traveled half way across the world to Togo, West Africa. A surgical team was there in June and was able to provide vaccinations and perform one c-section and six knee replacement surgeries. The medical team cared for people suffering from chronic pain, malaria, pyloric stenosis, wounds, and more. In total, both teams cared for 647 patients during their time in Togo.



Dr. Preston Phillips and a representative for OMNI who donated prosthetics for the knee replacements (photo taken in the USA)

Gals & Pals

LWDF volunteer and surgical technician, Karla, holds a young child.

Providing Care

The community pours in to receive care. Dr. Galich prepares and administers vaccinations.

Patiently Waiting

People waiting in line to be seen by the team and to receive vaccinations.

Providing Protection

Giving vaccinations

New Life!

Baby delivered by emergency c-section during the surgical mission trip.


Dr. Folly updating family of mom and baby who had undergone an emergency c-section.

Team Work

Preparation and debriefing time in the evening.

Team Work

The doctors viewing x-rays and making a plan of care for the surgical patients.


An x-ray of a lady's knee. She has been in severe, debilitating pain for years. Her x-ray shows why. Her knee is bone-on-bone.

Team Work

The team prepares the surgical equipment.

Hands that Heal

Left to right: Dr. Folly, Dr. Phillips, and Dr. Doh performing knee replacement surgery. A total of 6 knee replacements were completed during the surgical mission trip.

Team Work

Success! The team has finished.


It's a time to celebrate!

Check Up

Dr. Folly reassessing a patient after surgery.


Dr. Folly discussing patient education after knee replacement surgery.


Post-op knee replacement patient resting in a chair while walking the hallways after surgery.

Chosen Family

The teams that work together become like family.

The Team

Surgical team June 2018


A woman sitting outside the hospital in Agou, Togo, where we held our medical mission clinic for 2018.

The day was nearly over and the weariness of waiting for several hours was wearing on her.


A 2 month old baby only weighing 6 pounds. She was unable to nurse from her mother and was literally starving. We were able to give her several cans of formula and bottles to feed her.


Dr. Folly speaking to the crowd on the first day of our medical mission clinic 2018.


The people praying during a service from a local pastor while we held our clinic.

New Life!

Kristen, a Labor & Delivery nurse, was able to help deliver a baby in Togo.


Ladies walking away from the clinic after we were finished for the day.


Children in Lome, Togo, near the house where we stay during our trips.

Faces of Despair

All of the sad faces of the people we had to turn away on the last day of our clinic because we didn't have any more time to see them. We need more volunteers to help see more people during our clinics.


The hospital room in the government hospital in Agou.

Help is Desperately Needed

The hospital mattress in the postpartum unit in the hospital in Agou. The condition of the mattresses were in disrepair, and patients must supply their own linens. The conditions are devastating. Much help is needed to provide quality healthcare, including operational beds and equipment.

Surgery is Needed

A 4 year old child with a lipoma on his back. We were unsure if it was spina bifida, but were able to provide this child with a CT scan to verify.

*Update 2/2019 - The lipoma has been removed, and this sweet boy is recovering well.


A woman who broke her arm 9 years prior. She never received proper care and it grew back this way.


A 16 month old boy whose mother died in childbirth with him. He had to be pulled from his mother and resuscitated. He has cerebral palsy and was brought to us because he was unable to eat without vomiting. We were able to get him testing and found out he has pyloric stenosis and needs surgery to correct it.


Sarah, RN, assisting at our pharmacy table.

Patient Education

A local pharmacist who volunteered his time to help us during the medical mission clinic. He is educating a patient on the medications she received.

The Team

Medical mission team July 2018

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