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Light in the World Development Foundation built the Ando Kope School in 2015 which offers education and resources to 150 children.  The Togolese government acts as the administrators of the school. LWDF provided salaries for teachers from 2015-2018 and continues to fund supplies, such as pens, pencils, notebooks, and joyful things like balls for physical education and play time (after all, every child deserves to play).​

In 2015, LWDF hired local workers to make new desks for the children. We have recently received a donation of 130 school desks, but need donations to pay for a shipping container to send them to Togo. To help pay for the shipping, click here to donate.


Ando Kope school before picture. It had a grass roof and was supported by tree trunks with no foundation or other support.

Ando Kope school before picture. The students had to sit crammed together with limited resources to learn.

Another part of the Ando Kope School before picture. The chalkboard was broken and exposed to the weather.

Ando Kope School before picture. The students had makeshift desks and benches to sit on. All of the children were exposed to the elements when trying to get an education.

Ando Kope School before picture. The teacher giving the children an education with the resources available to them.

Dr. Komi Folly building the new school as members of the community look on.

Volunteers helping build the new Ando Kope School with cinderblock and mortar.

The new metal roof and support beams, large chalkboard and walls of the Ando Kope School. 

The finished project. New Ando Kope School with a foundation, walls, windows,and metal roof to give the children a prime environment to learn.

School supplies and soccer balls donated to the children at the Ando Kope School.

The children listening to the announcements as they see their new school and receive their school supplies.

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